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A brand created for ambitious and passionate riders, worn by everyone. Inspired by horse riding, for everyday life in complete elegance and sobriety. Mademoiselle Cavalière signs her first perfume entirely created and manufactured in France.

A deep and intense navy combined with a touch of rose gold: chic and simplicity.

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Karine Dubreuil, creator of the fragrance

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Karine Dubreuil Sereni is a creative perfumer. She creates perfumes for the biggest brands or houses looking for inspiration and dedicated listening. Nourished by the light and memories of the gardens of her childhood in Grasse, she is also animated by the culture and perpetual movement of Paris where she composes perfumes like stories to tell. Karine's passion for beauty is anchored in her olfactory culture.

For Karine Dubreuil Sereni, being a perfumer means capturing the spirit of the times, immersing yourself in the world of brands and creating fragrances faithful to their DNA.

“A know-how labeled made in France”

Reflecting the quality of French luxury, all its creations are tailor-made, designed using the best raw materials and made in France.

“The quest for the best ingredients”

At the beginning of quality: the quest for the best ingredients: raw materials.

The consistency of excellence in Karine's creations lies at the very origin of the perfumer's profession: in the demanding selection of the raw materials that make up her palette. An independent perfumer-creator, Karine enjoys complete freedom to select the best sources of supply for raw materials, which allows her to take the greatest care in studying the origins and methods of extraction and processing. conservation. A sourcing of precious ingredients, sometimes uncommon in a classic perfumer's palette, of unique captive molecules or natural extracts respectful of fair trade, at the source of the difference.

It is a rare privilege to have created the first equestrian perfume PREMIERE VICTORY by MADEMOISELLE CAVALIERE directly with a renowned perfumer, a tailor-made and unique, infinitely feminine creation in which daring riders will recognize themselves.


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